Curiosity and obedience

My dreams came true last week. I started watching my “almost” 9 month old grandson. His big sister is in school, so it’s just the two of us during the day. Oh! And my fur baby, a Goldendoodle, Bogey. Let’s just say — he’s not used to being around a little one, so it has been a learning process for us all!

I admit that I forgot how fast little ones become interested in things that are out of sight — like whatever’s behind the cabinet doors. Although he was surrounded by his blocks and cute little cars and trucks, once this little boy discovered he could open up a cabinet door — it was like he was introduced to a whole new world. I think he attempted to open up almost every single cabinet door in our kitchen. HA!

This week I was reminded that curiosity drives determination. Fear stops it. That may be the only deep thought I have at this time, but there you have it. I was also reminded that I need to purchase those things that you attach to the cabinet door handles so that only the adults can get in there.

I didn’t have time to think about this when I was raising my three children, but it really makes me wonder what’s going through their mind at that young age. What drives him to keep looking when he doesn’t understand (yet) what those things are for. It’s fun and fascinating to watch him, however, as a grandmother — I worry he’ll find something that will hurt him and won’t want to let go of it until he experiences pain.

I can’t help but compare his curiosity and determination to how adults are driven to open the door to those things that can be harmful. What will it take for us to listen to our Creator — the One who is trying to teach us and protect us at the same time. Why don’t we heed the warning signs when the One who can see the danger ahead tries to redirect us? What a comforting truth it is to know that He doesn’t give up on His children. That pain that we feel just might be a warning sign to close the door.

Thank you, Jesus, for loving us so — even when curiosity drives us to disobedience.

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