Monthly Archives: October 2019


Have you ever had a dream that something would happen? Like, you almost become obsessed with it and can’t stop thinking about it? I’ve had several in my lifetime, and it’s pretty amazing when that dream comes true. I love to take pictures. Most of them are of nature or landscape type photos. They’re nothing […]

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Embracing Love

If you’re like me, sometimes you read something that truly resonates with your spirit and you Immediately underline it or highlight it. You might even write a little note next to it with the date. If it’s on the internet, you might tweet it or post it on Facebook. When I was reading my devotions, […]

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The truth about lying

This will sound negative and like it’s coming from a person who has a critical spirit, BUT…. I think I’ve been lied to. I know, I know…. you’re thinking “welcome to the real world,” but here’s the thing — it involves someone I thought I could truly trust. Someone I’ve confided in. Many times. Why […]

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