Monthly Archives: February 2015

Day one, One day late…

Lent. It’s something that I’ve heard about for years, but never really saw it’s significance until a few years ago. I worked for someone who observed it, believed in its impact, and was truly obedient to his promise to God. Although he didn’t dwell on or talk much about what he was giving up, he often expressed his great anticipation […]

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Life Isn’t Fair

Sometimes….life isn’t fair.  Someone or a group of people have judged you based on things that were false. Someone you love dies. You are deceived – over and over again. You feel lonely or unloved. No matter how hard you try, you fail. You pour your life into your family, your church, or your job, […]

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He Stretched Out His Arms…

At one wooden tree in the Garden of Eden, we fell for the lie that God didn’t love us, and we fell away from God and got lost. And at one wooden cross near the Garden of Gethsemane, God found us and stretched out His arms and proved forever and always and no matter what […]

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