He Colored My World

Back in the day when I was young, there was this song that I loved to dance to at our high school dances. It was called “Colour My World” by a very popular group at the time – Chicago. I don’t know what it was about it, but it always made my heart feel loved when I heard it — even those times when I didn’t have someone to dance with. Kinda like magic was in the air — or something like that. Ha. Do you have a song like that?

Something else I’ve been thinking about from my younger days is when I watched one of my favorite movies — The Wizard of Oz. We were absolutely amazed when we watched the movie start out in . black and white — and all of a sudden it switched to color! I was told that all television shows were in black and white prior to the day I was born. Change is good, yes? When you watch something without color, it just seems old and without life. Definitely missing something. And then B-A-M! Color changes your whole perspective. I guess that’s why my favorite season is fall.

I was looking through my pictures and somehow God brought some of my favorite memories together with my favorite song. They just seemed to fit and tell my story. What used to be a love song that made me think of those guys I dated all those years ago has changed for me over the years. One big reason being I’m married. Now the words make me think about my Lord and Savior and how HE has loved me (especially when I haven’t always deserved it), stayed by my side and worked all these years to change me for the better. I still have a long ways to go, but there’s still time.

HIS unconditional love, ability to create and change lives is more incredible than technology will ever be.

All pictures are taken on country roads in Indiana, on vacation in Florida, and from Ireland. Enjoy. ❤️

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