Monthly Archives: April 2021

Can You Tell Her?

Opportunities. It’s funny how they sometimes land right in front of us, and other times we have to search for them like that lost sock in the dryer. The type of opportunity that I’m referring to is sharing the gospel with others. I want to let people know that they can spend eternity with God […]

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Kids and Dogs

Between preschool kids and my dog, I think I learn something new every day. When we were outside for recess with our preschool students the other day, I noticed a little boy needed his shoelaces tied. He was running around in circles with friends and I could just picture one of the other kids accidentally […]

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Parenting Adult Children

Parenting 103.33321111 (The course that never ends!) There are certain things they prepare you for when you learn that you’re going to be a parent. Things like childbirth, or what to do when your baby has a fever and/or diaper rash. Unfortunately, there’s many other things you don’t hear about until you experience them. Back […]

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