Monthly Archives: December 2020

Resurrected Hope

Christmas 2020. The familiar: Cold temps – 10 degrees, a dusting of snow, Hallmark movies, Christmas cards, phone calls, and gifts. And what was missing? No in-person worship services (at our church), no big family gatherings, or time spent with many family and/or friends, and for the most part — no traveling. For some — […]

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Why I blog

If you blog, you most likely have read articles (at least one) that had helpful hints that would hopefully make your blog more appealing. The ones I have read emphasized the importance of knowing what audience you’re trying to reach. After reading one author’s suggestions, I questioned my purpose — mainly why I share it […]

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Living a Christian Life 101

The Lord sure knows exactly how to teach us life lessons in mysterious ways. I’m not quite sure why I often expect Him to get straight to the point with all my questions along life’s way. Perhaps it’s because of the world we live in where we can get a quick answer by Googling it […]

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