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God’s Perfect Timing

If you’ve recently experienced a loss of any kind – something that creates a panicky feeling and makes you realize you are not in control –this post is for you. Before I begin, I need to explain that I believe God sometimes uses the tiniest details and victories to capture our attention. Because of that, […]

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Love, Liz

About 14 years ago, I received a call from the nursing home that my grandmother wasn’t going to make it. I immediately called my husband to see if he could meet me there. Saying goodbye was something I didn’t want to do alone. Unfortunately, he was working about an hour away and knew he wouldn’t […]

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I am an IA at a preschool. I probably could write a book on things that kids say! Quite honestly, the specialness of everything can’t be captured in words. It’s their little personalities and expressions that truly make their comments, reactions, and sometimes silence unique and so uplifting. School has definitely changed with all the […]

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