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A couple weeks ago, friends from our church gave us a lovely house warming gift from their home – cone flowers. I watched as she carefully dug them up after a good rain. I couldn’t wait to plant them in our flower garden. They were special of course since they came from a friend, and […]

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My favorite class in college was a photography class. I only took one, and how I wish I had taken more. Back then, we didn’t have the opportunity to preview the photos we took before they were developed/printed. One of the frustrating steps in the process was removing the film from the camera in the […]

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Hope for you

We planted sunflowers and zinnias in our garden this year. Still waiting on the sunflowers to bloom. However, the zinnias are absolutely beautiful. I love all the different colors and details that make them all so unique. I recently decided to gather a few and make a bouquet. I’m not very experienced with this, so […]

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