Monthly Archives: November 2021

Point me in the right direction

Have you ever told someone that you can’t do something because it’s out of your comfort zone? Yeah, same here. I have said that about two things: speaking in front of people (I visibly shake all over), and lacking the ability to teach a group of high school age – older adults. Let me tell […]

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How’s your heart?

I had to see a cardiologist last week. What prompted this appointment was high blood pressure and the results from an EKG. A PA put me on a new Rx a few weeks ago that seemed to take care of my bp, however, my EKG indicated I needed further testing. I had a stress test, […]

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Fall in Indiana

I love to take pictures. Usually my objects are places or things. I recently went to one of my favorite walking spots to see how much the leaves had changed. It was beautiful. A picture doesn’t capture the sounds you hear or the feel of the cool, crisp air. My favorite time of year. I […]

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