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How to Climb a Mountain

I started 2019 with a bang! No, I didn’t go mountain climbing. I had to get a filling and a new crown. I mean, it just doesn’t get more exciting than that. Last year wasn’t a fun year for me. I had to go to the ER TWO times. I had to go to TWO […]

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Why I Write

If you write, what happened in your life that inspired you to share your feelings?  Do you know? Some of you like to journal, write letters (remember those?), blog, write books, or keep it short and simply comment on a newsfeed or social media. I started to write my thoughts down when my mom passed away – […]

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What do we Chase?

Do you have that one go-to place that you know will bring you some type of fulfillment or will  provide that peace that you long for?  Maybe it’s church. Perhaps it’s sitting on your back porch swing with a friend and a large glass of iced tea. Wherever that place is, you can’t wait to be there […]

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