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Spiritual Adultery

We are studying Revelation in my small group/Sunday school class at church. If you’ve ever attempted to read the last book in the Bible, then you know how hard it is to understand all the imagery and what exactly is taking place. Our teacher has done a wonderful job of presenting and explaining this part […]

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When I was young, I didn’t enjoy reading. I really can’t pinpoint the reason — I just know I dreaded it when I had to do it. Fast forward to now – I so appreciate the ability to read. I never realized what I missed out on when I didn’t take the time to dive […]

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Be Inspired! Don’t Settle for Less

I love how God teaches us valuable lessons. I mean, he knows exactly how to get our full attention. I was recently asked to sub as a Sunday School teacher for a young adults class. I spent a lot of time studying and preparing and, quite frankly, I learned a lot about myself through the […]

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