What’s My Worth?

What is your soul longing for?

Are you struggling with a feeling that something is missing? Maybe you’re blaming it on your spouse, (lack of a) good friend, your kids, or your job. You flip through social media and think….if only I had that, or looked like him or her.

In my 60 plus years of living on this earth, I think I’ve experienced all of those feelings at some point in my life. Naturally, what I thought I needed or wanted changed over the years. The two common factors were these: I wanted to feel like I was the most important person in someone’s world and I wanted to be good at what I did – like being a good wife, mom, friend, sister-in-Christ, or an employee. But, if my husband, kids. friends, sisters, or boss didn’t act in a way that told me that I was loved or valuable, then guess what? I questioned myself. I questioned my decisions. I doubted my worth.

You know what I’ve discovered? Most people don’t know how to let you know that you are that person. Maybe their words say ‘I love you’ or that they appreciate you, however, their actions don’t.

Affirmation. We all seek it in some way. If you are constantly posting on IG, Facebook, or TikTok, perhaps that is your avenue to feel important. However, what happens when you don’t get many likes, comments, or shares? Do you feel like a nobody? Hopefully, not. Let’s face it, many people just glance and go on. In other words, that’s not the place to seek your worth.

So, where?

If no one has told you, God created you. Everything about you is unique. The way you smile, blink your eyes, and use your hands (or don’t) when you talk. How you react, and how you laugh. The way you walk. What you’re passionate about, and what makes you mad. All of those things make you – you. Maybe you wish you could change certain things, but I guarantee that somewhere, someone admires that something about you!

I think most would agree that life experiences (good and bad) have helped mold you into who you are, but please don’t forget the most important thing – you are a child of God. You see, Jesus knew how to put love into action. He demonstrated just how much He loved you when He died on the cross. Although you were a sinner, He paid the price for your sins – and mine. He provided the way to have eternal life in Heaven – ultimate self -worth found in Jesus.

It’s up to you.

3 Comments on “What’s My Worth?”

  1. Your worth is immeasurable as a friend, wife, mother and most of all a child of God. Thank you for letting him use you to uplift, teach and inspire me.

    God bless you! Love you, Teri!

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