Be Inspired! Don’t Settle for Less

I love how God teaches us valuable lessons. I mean, he knows exactly how to get our full attention. I was recently asked to sub as a Sunday School teacher for a young adults class. I spent a lot of time studying and preparing and, quite frankly, I learned a lot about myself through the study.

The class normally has around 12 people in it, and as I sat waiting for people to come in last Sunday – there was only one that showed up. Me.

Friends, it just doesn’t get more clear than that. Believe me, God had me in the palm of his hand. If God had sent me a hand written note, I’m sure it would’ve said that this lesson was for ME! However, he didn’t need to write me a note or give me a sign. It was obvious.

If you’ve given up on studying God’s word because, well, you learned about it in Sunday School when you were a teenager, trust me – there’s always something to work on and more to learn. The Bible is filled with life lessons that will enrich your life and give you much needed wisdom so that you can face tomorrow…. and the next day. If you open the Bible, I guarantee you that you will absorb words that will inspire you to have the life God intended you to have. Don’t settle for less.

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