Are You Ready?

Afghanistan. Covid. Racism.

War. A virus. A people problem.

What do they all have in common? Turmoil, Death. Division, and no control.

I don’t care which political party you choose, how much education or money you have, OR where you live –because the real problem is that people are turning away from the ONE who has all the answers; the one and only who holds the key to peace, joy, love, and eternal life.

You say God is something made up? I say you’re wrong. You think this world is bad? Just wait. My God, even though I deserve hell, promised He would save me and give me eternal life with HIM if I repent and surrender my life to HIM. That promise is for all who make that choice. Does that mean this life will be easy? No. But now I have something to look forward to – eternal life with Jesus.

If you are holding back, it’s time. It’s time to surrender and let go. Who knows, Jesus might return tomorrow. Are you ready?

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