I love you, dad. For eternity.

Beyond the grave.

I did something out of the ordinary today – I visited my dad’s grave. He’s been gone now for eighteen years, and I still seek the comfort I need by reliving all of my favorite memories. I know it’s a personal choice, but for me, I would much rather focus on what we had and what was good. Visiting the cemetery only reminds me that what I loved came to an end.

After I got out of my car and stood there for a few moments where he was buried, I felt a gentle breeze sweep through my hair. It was like God was nudging me to look up and beyond the grave.

I was glad that He caught my attention because I was blessed with what appeared to be a water color painting of trees that were yellow, orange, and green – all lined with the wonders of a golden colored bean field.

Losing someone in this life is hard. However, when we look beyond the grave – we receive comfort and peace when we remember the beauty of where our loved one now lives – for eternity.

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