Is it worth your time?


If you’ve ever been involved in vacation bible school in some way, then you know it’s not an easy week for anyone. If you’ve ever wondered if it’s worth it, please read about my experience. I had something happen last night that brought light to the single most important reason why we include the little ones.

I’m teaching the toddlers. We’re talking ages 2 – 4. This age is very inquisitive. Whether you know it or not, they are absorbing every single thing that you say. The challenges come when they don’t want to sit still, don’t like being separated from their parents, and sometimes don’t want to do what we are doing!


Last night, one little guy made it clear why we need to have it and why we need to include this age.

Last night was our 3rd night and we had 3-4 meltdowns as soon as they sat down during the opening. One child hit his head. One wanted to stand by the stage rather than sit with our class. One child noticed her dad was trying to escape. One hit her funny bone, which wasn’t funny at all. Last, but not least – a child started crying because the other one was crying. You get the picture.

When the opening was coming to a close, the leader asked everyone to pray with her before we went back to class, and her prayer almost made me laugh out loud. “Lord, puleeeeeeeeeeez be with the leaders tonight and let the children and leaders feel your strength and love.” Or something like that. There was no doubt that her prayer was for my class.

Next, class time. As soon as we closed the door and all the kids were sitting on a carpet square, their behavior changed. it was like I was looking at a different group of kids! They were FABULOUS! I looked at the other teacher with a look of “what just happened?”

This week we’ve talked about the scripture that says we are all sinners. We have talked about what sin is. Last night we focused on how God made us unique and that we should love others even though they don’t have the same color of skin. I ended the lesson by emphasizing that God loves everyone — pointing to each student in the room.

This is when my heart was pierced. One 3 year-old looked down and said, “He doesn’t love ME.” MY HEART. I immediately told him that of course God loves him. This little guy tends to get into trouble. A lot. I don’t know if he assumed God couldn’t possibly love him because of his behavior, but he needed to hear that truth. Don’t we all need that reminder?

VBS. It’s worth it.

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