My husband and I decided to grab dinner out  recently – on a Friday night, and it was one of those times when neither one of us could decide what sounded good to eat.

Because it was getting to the point of total frustration,  I even suggested that we stay home and just have a bowl of cereal! Sometimes it’s just not worth it – know what I mean?

We first tried a local restaurant. It was packed, so we drove on to the next town where there is an abundance of choices! After ruling out every place we passed (Arggggh!),  we finally agreed on Texas Roadhouse.

As soon as we walked into the place, we spotted some friends we hadn’t seen in a very long time. It was such a blessing! They were almost finished eating when we arrived, so they joined us at our table so that we could catch up.

We had just ordered our food when a man walked by our table and attempted to tell a waitress  that he had something stuck in his throat.  I’m telling you what – it was like time stood still.

This little waitress asked him a couple questions, then began to pound him on his back. My husband  called 911, and then one of the customers jumped up and began to do the Heimlich. It wasn’t working.

 It was such a frightening  moment to think that someone might lose his life – right there in front of us.

He was taken out by the EMS crew and appeared to be ok – he was breathing, at least. When our waitress brought us our food, I could hardly take a bite. Other customers requested to be moved to another section.  I just kept thinking about that man, and how in a blink of an eye – he could’ve been gone forever if someone hadn’t been willing to help him.

The next morning, we had an appointment with a car salesman (Bill) in Indy. We’ve known him for 30 years.  He actually sold us our very first car!

As we finished up,  he introduced us to this young man – the finance guy.  You know, the one that everyone dreads talking to when it comes to purchasing a vehicle?

Our conversation began with  the normal small talk, and then somehow blossomed into this incredible discussion about his upcoming wedding and how important it was for him to have the ceremony  in the church. I do believe we DID talk about finances – somewhere in there.

Before we headed out, my husband shared with him about what happened in Texas Roadhouse Friday night. The guy looked up at us with this “deer in the headlight” kind of look and said that he was there, too!

Turns out that he and his fiancé were sitting not too far from us and witnessed the whole thing!!!! Isn’t that CrAzY?! I’m telling you what, it gave me chills as I listened to him describe his version of the guy jumping out of the booth to help save someone’s life.

After Friday and Saturday’s experience,  I have NO DOUBT  that we are all placed where we are for a reason.

Timing is everything. God is amazing.

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