Spiritual Adultery

We are studying Revelation in my small group/Sunday school class at church. If you’ve ever attempted to read the last book in the Bible, then you know how hard it is to understand all the imagery and what exactly is taking place. Our teacher has done a wonderful job of presenting and explaining this part […]

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Love, From Sydney

A few years ago, I had an  a-ha  moment. It was a funny, frustrating, and  humbling experience. We had THE sweetest yellow lab. Unfortunately, her health took a downward spin when she was around seven and we almost lost her on  Thanksgiving. We learned the next day that she was diabetic. Lets just say I […]

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Are You Listening?

There’s a song that we sing at church that I have a love/hate relationship with sometimes. We don’t sing it often, but when we do –  it humbles me. As soon as I hear the first few notes,  I know what’s coming.  As I sing the words, tears well up and roll down my cheeks […]

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