My Motivation

If you read my last post, My Prayer, then you will understand the importance of the following quote… “The way we love difficult people lets everybody know the baby in the manger isn’t just a decoration in our lives.” ~Bob Goff If you are struggling with what I shared in my previous post, I hope […]

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Are you a control freak?

I had the worst day a couple days ago. It involved one frustrating thing after another. I was scheduled to have a heart scan to see if I have the beginning of a blockage. This was scheduled TWO months ago. That’s how backed up our hospitals are. My husband volunteered to go with me, even […]

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I’ve been thinking about all the hot topics in our country. Know what I think? I think it’s all about control. No one wants to lose it. No one wants someone else telling them how to live their life and that they can’t do this, buy this, or live this way. Naturally, morals and faith […]

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