Dispute Resolution

The first time I heard about dispute resolution was way back when my son was in law school. Here’s the definition via Google: “Dispute resolution is the process of resolving disputes between parties. The term dispute resolution is sometimes used interchangeably with conflict resolution, although conflicts are generally more deep-rooted and lengthy than disputes.” Google’s […]

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Words of Encouragement

Mark’s text this morning was the usual text (which I love and appreciate!), but it had one added comment – “Make sure you walk today.” Thanks to a good friend of mine, I signed up to participate in a 5K – which is this Saturday. I’ve been committed to walking at least 3 miles (almost) […]

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Is Your Life – Upside Down?

Started to pour some cereal into a bowl, and realized that I had opened the box up on the wrong end.  Too late. There it was right in front of me…. Life –  upside down. Made me think of a story a minister shared last Sunday.  His sermon was about marriage. He talked about a […]

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