Rise Above

A friend, Darrell, challenged me to write something that would go with his photo — pictured above. It was fun and difficult at the same time. I hope it encourages someone out there today.

When we lived in Florida and we had the opportunity to fly to see family/friends in Texas, Minnesota, or Indiana, I always went for a window seat. Getting to see a sunrise, sunset, heavenly cloud formation, in addition to seeing the unique terrains gave me a different perspective of our world and a deeper appreciation for our Creator.

If you’re scheduled to fly out when the weather happens to be bad, you know there’s a good chance that you’ll be experiencing delays. You are at the mercy of Mother Nature and the airline. You look out and see the sky covered with those dark ominous clouds, praying there will be a window of time to take off.

The first time I experienced flying in bad weather, I pulled down my window’s shade before we began taxiing. I wanted to shut out the view – hoping I wouldn’t be as anxious about possible turbulence or other things that could happen while we were in the air. I lifted the shade up soon after we had reached 10,000 feet (or whatever it was) and breathed a huge sigh of relief to see a sky FILLED with the most beautiful color of blue. It was amazing! It was crazy to think the pilot brought us through it and the storm was now below us. I couldn’t help but think what I would’ve missed if I had kept my shade pulled down.

“Rising above” our life storms can certainly help us to love and appreciate our Creator, too. Been there? It makes us realize that “this present darkness” isn’t all there is to life. Thankfully, we don’t have to hop on a plane for God to help us see that blue sky. We can do so through the power of the Holy Spirit – the ONE whose ways are higher than our ways. The One who truly sees the bigger picture with the right perspective – His. When we trust Him as He takes us to our next destination, we can open up that shade and not be afraid of what’s to come.

You guys, as I was finishing this up this morning, I received a notification on my phone that THIS is the verse of the day! “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.” Col. 3:2

God’s timing.

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