Did you know your cup is empty?

If you’re like me, you sometimes hear your spouse say something, but not necessarily tune-in to what they are actually saying until you hear them ask, “Did you hear what I just said?” I’m guilty – especially when I’m trying to do something else.

My husband said something to me the other day after spending a lot of time together over the weekend (plus Friday) that caught my attention. As in, I did hear him the first time around. He said, “We’ve had a good three days.” At first I wasn’t quite sure if he was referring to everything we had accomplished together, but then his smile made me realize he meant that “we” had been blessed with three good days together.

It’s funny how you get so tangled up in everyone else’s lives that you don’t take the time to think about your own. Ministry. It is such an honor to serve our creator and encourage others, however, sometimes you lose yourself when you are so concerned about what others are going through.

People we know have died. Separated. Divorced. Hated. Sought forgiveness. Loved. Grieved. Sought the Lord. Ran from Him. Changed. Regressed. Complained. Surrendered. Suffered. You name it, we’ve seen it. I’m sure you have, too.

It’s not like we are alone in this boat. Everyone has a friend, family member, or someone – maybe a GROUP of people, you constantly have on your mind. Maybe it’s your work, your love life, or what you’re going to do next. Whatever that is, it consumes you. Friend, you need to fill your cup.

But God…. He is SO good. So perfect. At just the right time, he comes through like the wind and makes everything feel so good – even in the middle of a storm. Thankful.

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