Hey. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. I’ve been busy (just like everyone else) and man, a lot has happened these last few weeks.

First. tornadoes ripped through a few states not too far away from here — far enough that we weren’t in any kind of danger. However, the storms were close enough that it touched our hearts. People lost everything. Their homes. Cars. possessions. Their town. Loved ones. The stories that are pouring out are inspiring, heartbreaking, and just plain humbling.

Last Sunday. my minister mentioned in his prayer (not connected to the storm in any way) for God to tear down the walls that we build up — walls that divide us in a negative way. Walls that are purposely put up between us, as believers, and individually – with God. My thoughts immediately went to the devastating pictures I’ve seen – especially in Kentucky. We truly never know how different our life can change in an instant – not until we experience it.

We sometimes say things to God, like please remove this or do this, without knowing what we’re truly asking. I mean, seriously — we only see what we can see, right? We wait, hoping to see that answer unfold, and wonder why God doesn’t provide.

Maybe, just maybe, God knows we aren’t ready or perhaps we can’t handle what it is we are asking from Him. We never know how our choices can hurt the ones closest to us — even when they seem like what’s best. Who knows. But the thought of waking up to complete devastation is scary and life changing.

Just food for thought.

If there’s something you’re praying for and it seems like eternity since you began praying about it, check your heart – better yet, make sure you know His.

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