Point me in the right direction

Have you ever told someone that you can’t do something because it’s out of your comfort zone? Yeah, same here. I have said that about two things: speaking in front of people (I visibly shake all over), and lacking the ability to teach a group of high school age – older adults.

Let me tell you what, God sure knows how to get you to do something without you even realizing what’s happening. Although most of my friends have witnessed how standing in front of people makes my blood pressure spike, and that teaching preschoolers has always been my first choice – I’ve learned that God’s plan doesn’t always align with what we think we are capable of doing. Catch my drift?

Not long ago, a Sunday School teacher invited me and a good friend of mine to his class that’s geared for young adults. I’m not even close to that age, so I guess they just wanted some input from someone older. I like to think that I had some words of wisdom to offer since I have certainly experienced a lot of life-lessons that taught me well. Some were pleasant, and others- not so much. After a few Sundays, the teacher alluded to the fact that he would like us to co-teach the class. I laughed at first, but then quickly realized he was being serious. I’m not sure if that was his plan all along, however, it was a brilliant way to introduce us to the class and help us feel like we were a part of it before he asked us to help lead it.

Don’t ever underestimate God. He is so amazing in how He orchestrates His plan. It’s all about His timing and our willingness to serve Him.

“Show me the right path, O LORD; point out the road for me to follow.” ~ Psalm 25:4

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