Let love win

I always say I’m not going to do this, but here I am again- talking about the day my mom died from cancer. I received the call the day before Halloween. A call I’ll never forget. I guess writing this out here is my therapy.

It’s been years. We weren’t close, yet we were. I guess you could say our relationship was complicated. There’s no doubt that I loved her – the heartbreak I experienced when my dad called that morning told me so. It meant that there wouldn’t be any more time to make amends. No more time left to make up for lost time when we didn’t speak. Years lost.

I have forgiven her for those things that hurt me so deeply. Did she ever say she was sorry? No. Did she ever admit that she made mistakes? No. Does she deserve it? This is when I look at myself, and all the horrible mistakes I have made over the years. Do I deserve forgiveness? No. Have I been forgiven? Yes, by the grace of Jesus.

God has taught me through life experiences that there’s power in forgiveness. If you want control (like I did) and want to make sure you’re never hurt again by that person, forgive them. Set boundaries if necessary, but you can be the bigger person. You’ll never forget, but the incredible power of the Holy Spirit can create a peace in that heart of yours that you never knew you could experience. Trust me.

Friends, if you are carrying bitterness in your heart because you know someone was smart enough to know better when they hurt you (through their words or actions) – do yourself a favor, and let. it. go. Learn from it. Seek counseling if you need to and absolutely do not forget to pray to the ultimate healer of all – God. Don’t waste your life with vengeance being your driving force. That only wastes precious minutes or years on your timeline. Time you can’t get back. You miss out on God’s goodness, love, and peace when you’re so focused on hate. Move on. Don’t repeat the past. Let love win.

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