Be Still

Have you ever had a time when you just couldn’t seem to shut off your thoughts? Maybe you keep rehashing a conversation or something that you’ve experienced. If you haven’t, count your blessings.

My husband and I recently took a walk on some trails. We passed by several people who were walking the trail or riding bikes, however, there was a group of people stopped along the way who were all taking pictures of ‘something’. Curiosity got the best of us, so we stopped to see what was so picture worthy.

There were two deer walking timidly to the water. I was able to capture the one. It was the most peaceful moment I’ve had in a very long time. It was obvious that the others appreciated this moment, too. No one said a word, but they didn’t have to.

Whatever your life looks like right now, I pray you’ll take some time to just stop, reflect on something you’re grateful for. I assure you that it’s a game-changer. Be blessed.

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