Two words that most people have either thought about, whispered, prayed for, or even YELLED out at some point in their life are – pick ME! Two simple heartfelt words that are both powerful and humbling at the same time.

Back in the day, one of my teachers would choose two people to be team leaders. Each one took turns selecting a person to be on their team until the whole class was selected. We often did this for spelling competitions, or for something a little more fun like dodgeball. For those who were selected first, it was fun. It made them feel like they were smart, athletic, or special. However, the ones who had to wait, and wait, and wait for their name to be called were humbled — ready to run out of the room. How do I know? Because I was ONE of those kids– especially when we played dodgeball, kickball or wiffleball. Although harmful words weren’t exchanged in this process (other than those times when you heard kids whisper to the leader their suggestions), the silence and the order of selection said it all. If you’re last or even near the end, it’s obvious that they don’t want you on their team. You are useless.

I believe those painful experiences prepared me for teaching preschool and for life in general. As you can imagine, “pick me” was often heard as I watched 20 some kids quickly raise their hand with hopes you would say their name. Some would practically waive their hand off their arm (or accidentally hit their neighbor!) to hopefully catch your attention as you scanned the group. What they didn’t know is, I would often look for the person who seldom raised their hand – including that one who wouldn’t even make eye contact. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t go this route every time. However, I wanted the ones who always seemed to know the answer (or wanted to be a leader) to learn that sometimes you have to let others at least try, and I wanted the ones who were almost afraid to answer – to learn it’s OK if you try and it’s not correct. Guess what, eventually they’ll get it right, but they have to be willing to try.

There ARE times when we hope for the opposite – as in we don’t want to be noticed. Take the church, for example. We get a text message or a call from someone asking if we will teach Sunday School, greet people on a Sunday morning, take food to people to lift their spirits, send cards, read Scripture during church, help in the nursery, teach VBS, lead worship, or help with the youth. But you say, “I just don’t feel like I’m qualified to do that.

I often think of Moses when I catch myself saying, “Pick someone else. I’m not good enough.” Remember the story? He wanted God to send someone else. Look at the men Jesus chose to follow HIM! Were they perfect? Certainly NOT! But they were willing...

How about you? Are you the one who refuses to raise your hand, hoping to be skipped over? Or…are you willing to serve Jesus? Jesus – your Savior.

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