A summer storm just darted through our area. It’s been a long while since I’ve heard the rolling thunder in the near distance. Clouds were somewhat dark, and the rain gently tapped the windows. I have to say, it was refreshing. There’s just something soothing about a summer storm. Although there’s absolutely nothing you can do to change its course, it can certainly change yours.

When we lived in Florida, we experienced a much stronger storm – a hurricane. Needless to say, the only refreshing thing about it was when we realized it was over. We were warned a couple weeks ahead that it would be coming, so we had plenty of time to prepare. Even though our friends encouraged us to leave the state, we chose to stay. We had hurricane shutters put up to cover all the windows, and we purchased all the things they encourage people to buy – like plenty of bottled water, non-perishable food, lanterns in case we lose electricity, and battery operated phone chargers.

Prior to its arrival, we heard about it on the news, for dayzzzzzzzzzzz! I heard about every detail and scenario until I just couldn’t listen to it anymore! I turned off the news and headed out to find something to do to take my mind off it. The bad thing was, my surroundings had drastically changed. Vehicles were whisked away from dealership parking lots. Shelves were almost empty. Water couldn’t be found anywhere. Cars were lined up to fill up their tanks. An hour wait became the norm. I guess that’s when I realized it was real. There was no hiding from what was to come. Ignoring the inevitable didn’t work.

The time finally arrived for us to hunker down. I will never forget listening to the howling wind for hours as we whispered many prayers in the dark because we immediately lost our power. It was finally here, and It was out of our control. But, ohhhhhhhhhh – that feeling I had when it was over and we finally could open the door and step outside. There was damage all around, but the sun was shining.

Storms in life are similar, aren’t they? Some are terrifying. They cause you to make choices – like if you should stay or leave. Some are refreshing because they cause you to be still as you wait…. Finally, they make you realize that you are not in control, but God still shines.

Trials are inevitable. I pray you’ll be prepared as much as you can, and remember to seek the ONE who can bring you through the trials of this life. Jesus is dependable. He walks on water. He gives life. He restores the soul. Trust Him.

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