Thank you

Friends. I went to my good friend’s viewing this afternoon. I sat in awe of all her pictures that were put together on display on boards and in a video. It wasn’t a feeling of envy – not like how you feel when you see pictures on Facebook. Rather, it was a feeling of peace because my dear friend had a full life. It was filled with love from her family and friends, and friends of her kids who considered her to be a second mom.

No one likes this part of life. It can really throw you for a loop. However, my friend was a believer in Jesus – therefore, I know where she is and where she will spend eternity. It just doesn’t get better than that.

I will miss her. I’ll never delete her text messages. I’ll never forget her. No one could tell a story like her. I would smile before she even started because of her facial expressions. No one could cook or bake like her. Simply amazing. I guess the best thing about her was she made you feel loved and wanted in her home.

Thankful God had our paths cross. So very thankful….

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