Mr. Jones

Childhood memories.

Years ago, when I was about 5 years old, I lived next door to a family that had 3 sons. This is what I remember most: The mom, Irma, was very nice but very strict. I’m embarrassed to admit this; (but hey, I was only in kindergarten!) I once lifted up my top and asked one of her sons if he had “these” – to which I soon heard his mom open their front door and yell for her son to come in the house. IMMEDIATELY. Of course my mom received a phone call within minutes — letting her know that I (her FIVE year old daughter) lifted up my top in front of her son. My mom’s response? “And you think it’s ok for your boys to pull down their pants in your backyard and pee??” I can hear it now. Those were the days….

So many things about Aunt Bee from “The Andy Griffith Show” reminded me of Irma. Her hairstyle, style of clothing, and her build. She made the best popcorn and grew the most beautiful flowers. Here’s the thing, I had a huge crush on one of her sons named Alan – you know, the one who saw my chest. I don’t recall how he spelled his first name, but I remember his last – Jones. How can you go wrong with that name? I once fought over him with another female neighbor. I think we’re both thankful it never worked out for either one of us. Ha. Alan was the first boy I had ever met that was close to my age. I guess that qualified him to be my future husband at the time. You can laugh. (Please note: I was much more pickier when I became an adult!)

How ironic that I would walk by this bench when my husband and I were on a walk in Florida. Who knows if THIS Alan is my former neighbor. I lost contact with him and his family so many years ago. Anyway, it was fun to reminisce although it caused me to reveal a story I’m not exactly proud to share!


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