God’s Perfect Timing

If you’ve recently experienced a loss of any kind – something that creates a panicky feeling and makes you realize you are not in control –this post is for you.

Before I begin, I need to explain that I believe God sometimes uses the tiniest details and victories to capture our attention. Because of that, I know I recently experienced what I refer to as a God wink.

Here’s what happened…My coworker was taking off her sweatshirt which unfortunately grabbed hold of one of her pierced earrings and then sent it flying somewhere in the classroom. She said she thought it hit a chair and possibly landed somewhere on the floor. The thing is, her earrings are extra special because they were a gift from her mother. We looked EVERY where for it. We swept underneath the surrounding furniture, and several kind preschool students helped search all around the floor. She found the back/post to it, but the front was no where to be found.

At dismissal time, she took the bus riders with her into another section of the school. I stay with the car riders in a hallway outside of our wing until their name is called. When I was down to one student, I walked her down the hallway to the other side of the building so that she could walk out with her older brother. As I was walking down the hallway towards our wing, a teacher I’ve never met looked down at the floor and said, “Ohhhh, it looks like someone lost an earring.” I immediately stopped and asked, “Are you KIDDING me? Does it happen to be a Mickey Mouse?” Indeed it was.

WHAT are the chances that the earring would be in another section of the school?! I’m guessing it was attached to my teacher’s clothing or shoes. But….Here’s the thing! WHAT are the chances that a teacher would spot it at the exact time I would be walking by. She had no clue we were looking for it.

Friends, God’s timing is just. like. that. Nothing less than perfect, but happens when you least expect it.

Never give up.

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