When you need to vent

With the way the local and national news is reported these days, no wonder Facebook has drastically changed. I mean, if the reporters can get away with being so rude during their interviews – why wouldn’t we follow suit? I may have disagreed with a lot of what former President Trump said (more like how he said it), but I agree with him 100 percent that most of the media stirs the pot. They create nothing but anger and hate – to the point it provokes revenge.

When I first created a FB account several years ago, I loved catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. I loved seeing pictures of their family and seeing what they were doing with their life. It was such a boost to receive a friend request from someone. It was like you were thrown back in time and someone new wanted to be your friend. Those were the good ol’ days.

After a while, people started putting very personal info out there. Their FB page became an outlet for them. Many were thrown under the bus because they were trashing their spouse, their ex, or complaining about their kids. I remember thinking how thankful I was that my parents weren’t on FB when I was a teenager!

At one point, a few of my friends started sharing funny, heartwarming, and serious life-lessons that made you aware that you weren’t alone on your journey or in your valleys. I hesitantly joined them and it felt so good to have the freedom to share. For me, it gave me a platform to share with others what I didn’t have the guts to say out loud — or in front of others. The only time I regretted being so open was when a FB friend stopped me out in public and asked me about my post. “Didn’t they realize that story was private?” ~ thought the one who posted it for the world to see. And then there were those who would jab at your spelling or grammar errors. Sorry, Karen, this wasn’t an English assignment for a grade. I think you missed the message because of your critical eye.

Then came the political posts. You know, the ones where people share articles that were sometimes true and sometimes not. The posts that had multiple reminders to do a fact check before posting. Comments were made from people they really didn’t know but were connected through a friend of a friend, that more or less said that person didn’t have a heart because they believed in what they shared. (FB post creator is thinking – WHO are YOU, anyway? How did we even become friends?!) And then there’s those people who steered clear of attacking a politician’s views because they knew their friends were tired of it. However, they very pointedly made fun of that politician because of their weight, hair, or face, or…… Yes, I’m pretty sure we all fall in one of these categories.

Thankfully, private groups became available and popular so that you could voice your political (or whatever type of) opinion until the cows came home. No more worries if someone is going to unfriend you because those who disagree won’t see your post! I agree that there’s something nice about talking with people who share the same views. However, there’s something powerful about being able to talk with someone who disagrees — yet you still remain friends or on friendly terms.

In a world that is demanding change, let’s hold on tightly to grace. It was given to us by our Creator when we didn’t deserve it. Let’s remember to do the same.

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