Looking for Change?

There’s two lessons I’ve recently learned that are so good, I had to share.

I recently read the following in a devotion through YouVersion. It’s called, “Reset Your Mind, Overhauling Toxic Thoughts.” Here are the words that struck my heartstrings….

“Maybe you’re still focused on the broken and damaged thoughts you’ve been thinking for years. It could be that you’ve been playing an outdated recording in your mind that someone said to you during your childhood.”

BINGO! Nothing from my childhood, but still I want to say, “Alexa, stop that stupid recording – NOW!” I’m so tired of replaying those same hurtful, and frustrating thoughts through my mind – every day! I’ve often prayed that God would wipe those memories from me, but so far — it’s still there. The sting is still there.

However, I have finally discovered that rather than praying that God would just erase the memory that hurts me, I should pray that He would transform me. This has to be what He wants, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this piece. I know that transformation takes place when we know the truth and allow it to change us. Where is that, you ask. It’s in God’s Word. “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” Romans 12:2

Second, a lesson given by Todd Mullins, a Senior Pastor of Christ Fellowship in Florida. This is paraphrased, however, you will get the point.

We can all agree that we need water in order to live. The more we drink, the healthier we are. When we don’t drink enough, we suffer in many ways. The same with reading and studying God’s Word. We read one verse and think, “Ahhhh, that felt so good. I needed that!” However, reading one scripture is like taking one sip of water — it’s good, but not enough.”

In conclusion, studying His Word is the key to everything. It fills us with knowledge, hope, and love. It gives us the strength we need to overcome.

Start today. Study His Word. Be transformed.

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