Being Real

Hey, friend. I may not know you personally, but if what I share ricochets in your spirit — there’s no doubt you’re my friend through Christ.

I don’t know about you, but I’m having a difficult time being motivated to do just about anything. I hate feeling like this. Between all the political stuff, Covid, people drama, other crazy madness that goes on in our world — I am tired. It’s like I’m in a fog and I want normal more than ever.

We had dinner with friends tonight. We met at a restaurant. Abnormal. We’ve always hopped in a car together. We were only at the restaurant for about an hour and a half. Abnormal. We’ve always taken up at least three hours together to catch up on each other’s week, laugh about stupid stuff, and then discuss the problems of the world. With the way things are today, that could take FOR-E-V-E-R! Right?

I hate all the changes that this virus has caused. I desperately miss spending time with my friends and my family. Life feels so shallow – so empty.

I recently read a book that was written by Lysa TerKeurst. She made a reference in it that really stuck with me. It was something about how ironic it is that feeling empty can be so heavy. So very true.

So, that’s where I’m at tonight. Heavy. Tired. Desperately needing change. However, I’m hopeful because I’m a believer in the One who can move mountains.

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