I am an IA at a preschool. I probably could write a book on things that kids say! Quite honestly, the specialness of everything can’t be captured in words. It’s their little personalities and expressions that truly make their comments, reactions, and sometimes silence unique and so uplifting.

School has definitely changed with all the restrictions. However, kids are still kids. Their innocence is like a beam of light that can pierce your heart some days. Although there are some difficult or challenging days, children sure do have a way of taking your mind off of the things going on in this world.

Student: Why are you wearing your bathrobe? (on our way out for recess) Me: This is my …. (student starts talking before I can finish explaining that it’s not a bathrobe. It’s my coat!🤣) Student: I have a bathrobe at home. It feels so soft when you’re naked! 😀

Me: Raise your hand if you had pizza over break. Several raise their hand. Me: Raise your hand if someone made your favorite food over break. A couple raised their hand. Me: Raise your hand if you got to sleep in over break. *crickets* One student raises his hand and asks: What does it mean to sleep in?!

Student from another class at dismissal: So did you miss me? Me: Of COURSE I did! Student: I missed you, too. 💕

Student: Take a guess what this is! (after drawing 3 objects on a whiteboard) Me: Umm, your family? Student: Oh, Mrs. Knapp, take a better guess than that!

One of our younger students wanted to learn how to write his first name. Normally he isn’t very interested in anything that involves sitting, if you catch my drift. He just has a lot of energy and loves to play. Anyway, one day he wrote the first letter of his name and the expression on his face was PRICELESS. He was so excited, he wanted to learn how to do the next letter, and then the next. Student: My mommy is going to be so proud of me!

Cutest moment captured goes to one little girl during a bathroom break. Side note: She was wearing a tutu like dress — this will help you get the picture. I took the group of preschoolers into the bathroom. Naturally, I stand back and just make sure no one is running, crawling into another stall, or playing with the soap in the sink. One student opens the door to her stall, and I notice that she doesn’t come out to wash her hands. I slowly push the door open to make sure she’s ok, and there she is with her little ballerina type dress on, lifting one leg as high as it would go, trying to use her foot to flush the toilet. Student: This is how my mommy flushes the toilet! Menot out loud: I’m thankful you didn’t fall in!

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