My favorite class in college was a photography class. I only took one, and how I wish I had taken more. Back then, we didn’t have the opportunity to preview the photos we took before they were developed/printed. One of the frustrating steps in the process was removing the film from the camera in the dark. If you exposed it to the light, the pictures were ruined for life. Believe me, I had my share of messing things up and had to start over several times. Not only did it teach me that a photography class wasn’t easy, it revealed a lot about myself.

My absolute favorite part of the class was developing – when you put blank photo paper into a chemical and watch an image slowly appear. It was like magic. I loved (and hated) the anticipation. If the picture turned out the way you wanted for the assignment, it was the most exhilarating moment, ever! If it was a bust, then you knew you had to trash it and head back out with your camera. You just never knew.

I’ve always loved to take pictures. If you’re reading this, you most likely love photography, too. Capturing a special moment in time is the best feeling, ever. Sunsets and sunrises have been my forever go-to. You just never know what kind of display you’re going to see.

I’m learning, however, that there’s more to capture in this world! I’m trying my best to look all around me for His beautiful design and truly appreciate it.

We have all of the zinnias in our garden, and I decided to bring some into our home to enjoy. I’ve recently learned how to make bouquets, and tried putting on my thinking cap so that I could think of some other display ideas. I (reluctantly) cut off some stems and put the bloom in a vase that’s filled with water. When I took a picture of the floating flower, I thought it was beautiful. Naturally, the details of the flower are stunning. However, something that I didn’t plan on was that the vase pulled in some colors from the top I was wearing. It was such a sweet surprise when I looked at the photo.

If you enjoy taking pictures for fun like I do, stop trying to be like every other photographer out there. Just be you and capture what you love. You won’t be disappointed.

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