Live, Laugh, and Let Go

Oh, my goodness. I love how a good ol’ unexpected belly laugh can make you feel so much better.

When I let my dog out this morning, I started my new normal routine. I got something to drink as I made the big decision about breakfast. Ha. Sounds very stressful, I know. Cereal did not sound good and we just finished off the waffles yesterday, so that left toast. Would you believe there were two pieces of bread left? Perfect, or so I thought.

My husband put them in the toaster while I walked into the other room to listen to the news. I hear this “Oops!” from the kitchen. The toast was ….toast. Totally black. Oh well, what do you do?

I hear our dog bark outside our kitchen door — reminding me that I hadn’t let him in yet. When I opened the door he looked up at me with such an odd look. Even his body was positioned differently. He normally runs right in, but he just stood there staring at me.

I finally noticed something sticking out the sides of his mouth, and as I began to ask what he had — he opened wide for me to see. A bunny. G A S P!

There’s no doubt about it, he was proud. His tail was wagging. His head was held high. Me? When it registered that MY dog was carrying a baby bunny in his mouth — I screamed! He quickly put it down (outside) and sat down. I think he was confused, like – why wasn’t I congratulating him?

As much as I love that dog, I knew I wouldn’t be able to touch that sweet face or allow him to “kiss” me until he was totally scrubbed down and was bunny-hair-free.

Hours later I was able to laugh about it — mainly because the picture of his response to me was priceless.

Thank you, Lord, for taking my mind off of what’s been consuming my every thought. You are so good.

Friends, let go of your worries. Those things we don’t have any control of – let. them. go.

Proverbs 12:25 Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad.”

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