35 Years and Counting



Thirty-five years ago, it was an extremely hot day. How can I possibly remember that when I can’t remember the temps from last week? Because it was my wedding day. Like most people do, I remember every detail of my wedding day.

If the air-conditioning was working in the church, I didn’t feel it. And at the perfect moment when we were standing up in front of approximately 400 people, a drop of sweat dripped off the tip of my nose.

My soon-to-be husband noticed and knew I was mortified. He whispered “you crack me up” as I tried to remain calm. His words were exactly what I needed to make me smile and relax.

So much has happened since that day. So many blessings. The sting I felt because my mom didn’t show up is now gone.

There’s a lot of mistakes that I’ve made over the years and I wish I could erase them or delete them all with a click of a delete button; however, without those difficult times I would’ve missed out on the power of forgiveness.

Those tough times also pulled me near to the One who loves me most, and for that I am thankful. ❤️

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