Check It Out

How do you handle people who are rude?

I grocery shopped on a Saturday morning. My first mistake.

The cashier wasn’t finished scanning my groceries when the employee who was bagging my items said, “You can go ahead and put your card in the chip reader.” I asked, “Before she’s finished scanning my items?”

“Yes, it doesn’t matter.”

So, I reluctantly put my card in. I’ve never had anyone suggest that I do that, and I really didn’t see the purpose in doing so. My guess was she was in a hurry. (Or is this the way everyone else does it and I’ve been clueless?)

The store was busy, and it was noisy. As I watched her scan the final items and waited to see  the total, the employee who was bagging groceries slapped her hand on the equipment that was holding my card and just looked at it. Not at me – at the card holder. Apparently it was notifying me that I could take my card out, but because of the noise – I didn’t hear it.

At this point, I’m pretty sure I was irritating her as much as she was irritating me.

Publix employees are always good about asking if you want help out to your car. The bagger did ask me, which I’m sure was routine. I was quick to say, “No, I’m good.” I was afraid she would suggest I pop my trunk open  from inside the store! Lol.

This wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever experienced, more like strange.

Have you ever had anything similar happen and you feel like you should say something so that you don’t appear to be….stupid? Or do you suck it up so that you can get out of town, Charlie Brown?

Well, I got out of town – all the way down to Starbucks. Amazing what a Vanilla Chai Latte can do for you.




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