You Were Born to Stand Out

It’s girls night out.

Mid afternoon you finally call your best friend to see what she’s wearing tonight because you have no idea what to wear. You don’t have a lot to choose from, but you don’t want to wear a dress when everyone else is wearing jeans. Or, you were thinking about wearing shorts, but you’re afraid that everyone else will be wearing a cute skirt or something else.

And what about the shoes? You have these new tennis shoes that you’re dying to wear. Even though they are the most comfortable shoes you have in your closet and your feet have been killing you, you’re worried that it might not be the right time or with the right crowd.

Isn’t amazing what we worry about? If other people could actually see all the things that we worry about that swirls around in our brain, they would probably be overwhelmed.

Hopefully your best friend would tell you to wear whatever you want – just be you, because that’s what she loves about you.

yellow duck

Be you – the person God created you to be.



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