You’re One in a Million

What’s the best part of your day?

Is it when you take a sip of that first cup of coffee –  or second? Maybe it’s when you get to clock out for lunch – step outside and get some fresh air.

Or is it when you get inside your car, and you feel that pressure lifted off your shoulders that your work day is d o n e?

Now that I’m retired, it’s hard to say. I think the answer would have to be when it’s the end of the day – especially when I can look back and see that I’ve accomplished something meaningful. I think that’s what we all want, though. Don’t you? A desire to make a difference — which is way more satisfying than a handful of change. More than a million bucks.

Next time you take a sip of that morning coffee, think about how you can make a difference that day. See what happens. 🙂

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