My Dog is Training Me

My dog was injured this week. For the first time,  I had to rush him to the vet. I was home alone when he got hurt and knew I couldn’t handle this on my own, so I called my best friend. Even though it was early in the morning, she came right away  to help us out. What a blessing.

Here’s the thing, the accident was my fault. A cat had been antagonizing my dog, Bogey, all morning. He was going crazy as he watched this (new to the neighborhood) cat sit, walk slowly, and stare.

I couldn’t take it anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love all animals, but I couldn’t handle the teasing and meanness that kept going on and on, so  I opened the door – encouraging  him to chase the cat out of our yard.

My vengeance quickly backfired as I heard Bogey yelp and run in circles because of pain. His side was bleeding because of a gash from hitting a wrought iron fence that was in our flower garden.

I felt sick to my stomach because ‘I’ should’ve been the one to chase it away. Me

You guys, take it from me – don’t ask anyone or anything to do something that you should be doing yourself.

I can’t help but think how we sometimes make or allow things to happen – because we feel someone deserves what’s coming. Been there? 

Last, revenge only causes more hurt. You may not see it right away, but it’s never the right way to handle frustration. If your plan doesn’t hurt you, it causes pain for someone else.

And the very last thing, “Vengeance is mine, and retribution…..” Deuteronomy 32:35

Give it to Him.


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