Just My 2 Cents Worth

Friends, how do you handle people who obviously don’t have the ability to sympathize and/or emphasize with others? If your answer is that you’ve never had to deal with someone like that, then maybe you’re one of those people. Just a guess.

This is coming from a woman’s perspective, so if you’re a man – listen up!

If you struggle with being compassionate with someone after listening to him or her spill their guts  – here are some tips:

Keep in mind, how you respond can send a clear message that you don’t care about anyone else’s feelings – particularly theirs. You may not see it that way, but that’s how it’s perceived.

Say something. Even if you don’t understand their heartache or maybe you think someone is overreacting – say you’re sorry or that you hate it that your friend or family member experienced such a bad moment or bad day. They know you can’t change it, but sometimes just knowing that someone listened and cared can make all the difference. When someone acts like they wish they didn’t have to be the one stuck listening, it adds insult to injury. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been there.

Follow up with a call, a text message, or a hug – letting them know that you do care about their feelings – even if you don’t agree with them or understand them. That tells the other person that you didn’t just check off ✅ listening to someone as your duty for the day.

Let her talk about it. Maybe you think it’s over with and she should move on – but that suggestion isn’t going to help anyone.

I’m certain that someone out there would love to respond with suggestions for people like me – people who love deeply and can’t “get over” what life sometimes throws at me or the people I love. Believe me, I’ve heard about it – and that’s why I thought is was time to write this today.

I will never understand you, and you will never understand me, but we both can make a difference by showing respect and simply trying to give a little of what the other person needs.


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