The Meeting Place



Indiana has the most colorful sunsets I’ve ever seen. I know there are beautiful ones elsewhere, but I’m almost certain that those  aren’t anything like what we’ve experienced here.

The last few years that we lived in Indy, I would look out my window almost every evening to see if there was even a hint of color in the sky. If so, I would drop what I was doing – jump in my car and head for a country road. I usually stopped at my favorite spot – it was like I had an appointment with God. I rolled down my window and made sure my camera was ready. That’s when I experienced such a wonderful peace as I anticipated God’s presence. It’s like your heart and  yearns for it once you’ve experienced it.

Sometimes I would see Him immediately, but on occasion I would have to wait. And some nights I felt like I had been stood up after watching the sun quickly drop below the horizon without exhibiting any kind of color or  stunning sunrays.

When we moved to Florida, things changed. I looked for another place where I could do the same, but it just didn’t happen – mainly due to our location. I’ve missed that experience in the worst way. This may sound ridiculous to some, but it felt like God was telling me He didn’t want to meet with me anymore.

I’m learning that whatever it is (not referring to the Holy Spirit here, but what is used to tug at your heart) that draws you to spend time with the Lord may change. It might be something beautiful, or something that’s not.

I admit I’m one who tends to depend on things – like His creation, a sign, change for the good, quality time with a friend, my husband or my kids –  to remind me how very real God is.

So what happens when you don’t experience those things?

My new (but not so new) place is His Word. Just open up your bible. Look for Him there. I promise He will show up.

God’s Word is more beautiful than any sunset I’ve ever put my eyes on – even at my favorite spot on that country road. His Word is filled with hope, love, truth, comfort, instruction, and words of wisdom that none of us will ever find anywhere else – especially on tv or social media.

Although I was humbled when I realized that  God didn’t stop showing up, I was relieved when I learned that He just wanted me to meet Him in a different place.

When you seek me in prayer and worship, you will find me available to you.  If you seek me with all your heart and soul,  I will make myself available.” Jeremiah 29:13-15


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