F34CFD58-14C0-4153-B0A9-0A03448EC9AEFriendships come in all shapes and sizes.

These two little girls were born within hours apart in the same hospital. No one knew it then, but their moms would become friends. Their grandparents met in the waiting room on the day they were being brought into this world. These girls were the grandparents’ first. They not only spent the day together and shared how excited they were to see and hold their granddaughter , they prayed together for safe deliveries.

Even though they live in different states, the grandparents stay in touch.

No, this wasn’t a story I heard about. I experienced it firsthand. I’m one of the grandmothers who was blessed with a new friendship – all because of the birth of our granddaughter.

Someone recently told me that there’s a friend for each season. Although I agree, I have a few that have remained close through every season. What a special blessing it is to have someone in your life who loves you through the good, the bad, and the ugly, and even better – someone you can love back.


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