To Serve or Not to Serve – That is the Question

How often do we make up excuses when asked for help?

Sometimes we don’t even give it a second thought because we love that person and jump at the opportunity – even though it’s something we don’t want to do.

What about those people/groups/ministries we don’t know?

Sometimes  we say no – maybe because of  the people or a person involved. Maybe if it was someone else we would be more inclined – you know… someone who would make you look good or someone who would pay you for your kind deed. [Get the point?]

Maybe you say you can’t help because of something big – like you’d miss your favorite show. [sarcasm]

Choices can make a difference  – like the one we make when we don’t read scripture to see if our choices are good or bad. We make jokes about people who try to assemble things or drive in unknown territories without looking at or asking for directions, yet we do that same thing – over and over again. We do life without even looking at the Bible – the manual that is filled with truth, wisdom and direction.

I don’t remember why, but I wrote out the  scripture [pictured below] and tucked it in a book I’m reading. It has basically become my way to save my place where I’ve stopped reading.

69A16336-ADAC-4EA8-B311-7A95BEA9BE17The other day I was asked for some help by someone, and my lazy heart wanted to say no. I was also nervous that I wouldn’t be good enough and they might wonder why on earth they even asked. All the negatives can sure add up and add fuel to your decision.

As I sat there contemplating how I  was going to respond, the scripture (pictured above) caught my eye. I not only looked at the words in front of me – I read each word. Slowly. And as I soaked them in, my heart was convicted.

I did help out that day, and I know I was blessed more than the ones who received my help. Why? Because I did the right thing.

I opened the manual and followed the instructions.

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