Why I Write

If you write, what happened in your life that inspired you to share your feelings?  Do you know?

Some of you like to journal, write letters (remember those?), blog, write books, or keep it short and simply comment on a newsfeed or social media.

I started to write my thoughts down when my mom passed away – 23 years ago. It just poured out of my heart – through my fingers….. onto the keyboard. It felt so good to get it all out.  I honestly didn’t know who I was writing to – that didn’t matter. There is just something about being able to express yourself. It’s like it gives you this unbelievable power over whatever it is that has a grip on your heart.

Maybe you’re one of those people with an amazing gift and your blog has over a thousand followers. That’s not me, but perhaps that’s you. Please don’t forget what or who  inspired you. Don’t let those followers strip you down to where you are becoming what they want you to be. Be you. Be who you were meant to be. ❤️

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