When you hear the word Florida,  you probably think about beaches, vacations, getting a tan, or visiting Disney.

That is – until now.  Now we add a deadly shooting to the forefront of our thoughts – where 17 people died.

Because of my faith, the first thing I do with any situation is pray. When I heard about the shooter and possible deaths, I prayed for wisdom, comfort and healing for those who were mourning, and for those parents who didn’t know if they were going to get to see their child again. I asked for guidance – how I (we) can make a difference or a change. It’s all very overwhelming for one person – I don’t care who you are.

We sometimes forget that we only see a portion of a problem, and we need to remember we have a God who sees and knows all. That’s why I go to Him first. That’s why I ask others to pray.

Maybe you are passionate about helping make this world a safer place, but don’t  believe in a creator. Or perhaps you think prayer isn’t enough. The Bible is filled with examples where prayer changed everything.  If you haven’t read any of God’s Word, I hope you would at least give it a try. Maybe….. you will then understand why we react the way we do. Why we believe. Why we have hope.

Why we pray.

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