There Will Be a Day



Imagine you are in your car – on your way to a relative’s house for Christmas. As you drive away from your home, you let out a long sigh as you think about everything you had to do before you left.

You  had to get someone to watch your pets. Naturally, it wasn’t easy because the people and places you normally use weren’t available. You had to stop the mail. You had to pay bills. Got caught up at work. Completed the mountains of laundry. Double checked your lists as you packed everyone’s things. Unpacked because you didn’t remember packing certain necessary items – only to discover that you did. Last, you had to find a way to make everything fit into the car.

Now, you are set. You will be on the road for hours, but you feel the hardest part is behind you. Now you can finally relax.

Then, things change. It begins to storm. Your windshield wipers can’t keep up with the rain. You’ve never been on this road before, so the twists and turns in the road come as a surprise as the sun begins to set. With the exception of the lightening dancing across the sky – it’s dark. Suddenly you are wondering if all of this is worth it. What would normally only take half a day to get to your destination was suddenly feeling like eternity. You feel this heavy weight gripping your shoulders.

Will it ever end?

Relief comes as the rain slows down and you can begin to see your surroundings.  The  sun begins to rise. You stop and step out of your car. You stretch out your arms and immediately  feel that weight lift off your shoulders  as you are greeted by someone who loves you. Unconditionally.  You feel relief. You feel loved. You feel joy. You feel safe. Peace. Reverence. — Heaven.


The more difficult the journey, the more satisfying the destination.” AW Tozer Tozer

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