Identity and Purpose

I recently read something that came at a perfect time, but at first glance didn’t give me the answers I was hoping for. Tim Tebow is an author of a 5 day devotional. I was looking for something different, so I gave it a try. I think I’ve read his DAY 1 at least 5 times.

He talks about how  easy it is to question our identity or our purpose. That’s where I’ve been stuck for the last few years. In my case, my confusion concerns my purpose more than my identity.

If you know anything about Tebow, then you know what some of his challenges have been. He says in his devotional, “When my NFL career was crumbling, at times I’d wonder the same thing. Am I the person who won the Heisman Trophy? Or am I the person who has been told over and over by so-called analysts that I can’t throw?”

I have been told by friends and acquaintances that I have a gift with expressing myself through writing. Some have suggested that I write a book or a devotional. Although I was aware that I needed someone to help polish up my grammar, I thought I finally found my purpose – something that I loved to do that would also help others in their life struggles. Needless to say, nothing has happened.

The last two years I’ve found a new love – photography. I have shared a few of my favorite pictures on my blog, but most often I do so on Instagram or through FB. I share them because I love God’s beauty. I don’t care what your interests are – you can’t deny the beauty of a sunrise or sunset.

I was recently contacted by an attorney who said a high school student had used one of my photos on my blog and claimed it as her own. It was actually selected and used to promote the area. I don’t want to mention names or use more details. I was extremely honored and humbled, even though I’m not receiving credit for it.

So here’s the thing….

I have learned from that experience. It made Tebow’s devotional believable–in a difficult way. I learned that my identity doesn’t come from anything I do here–it comes from God…. and what I do for him is my purpose. Period.

“So while I may get hurt, disappointed, or frustrated by the negative side of life’s equations, my foundation doesn’t have to change. Even if I wrestle with internal feelings, I can hold on to Gods truth. I know He’s got a plan for me, even when I don’t know what it is or when it seems to look totally different than what I imagined.” ~ Wise words by Tim Tebow.



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